Who Gives A Funk

Who gives a funk


Who Gives a Funk’s concert experience is made for music lovers like you, bringing you closer to exceptional artists.


Concerts are hosted in outstanding venues that showcase the best of Italy’s beauty and heritage.


We raise funds for trusted charities and good causes that are close to our hearts and which we are actively involved in.


Who Gives a Funk is a project born from the desire to entertain people while raising funds for causes we believe in.
This authentic concert experience is made for music lovers and brings together exceptional artists in venues that showcase the best of Italy’s beauty and heritage.

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The staff: Scilla

Scilla lives and works as a professional dj in Milan and it was her passion for music and creating personalized playlists that led her to this career path. She is in demand all over Europe and plays at the most stylish events.

“Music is the only reason why I know time still exists”

Scilla is in charge of the production, relationship with the sponsors, charity project, the artists, magazines.

The staff: Alessia

Alessia, with a passion for serving the complex needs of high-growth, innovative, entrepreneurial businesses, she definitely has a different background: a creative problem-solver with a strong client-service orientation: more than 10 yrs working on M&A deals, PwC in Paris and Milan, Intesa Sanpaolo and recently launched a company, E-Quilibrium, a growth catalyst firm providing strategic-financial, commercial support to both SMEs and startups.

“Drink some good wine, put on some funky Music and handle it.”

Alessia watches the numbers and provides strategic financial leadership to WGaF.