WGaF for JUST MUSIC FESTIVAL @Alcatraz Milano on 13Feb2020


 Early September 2018, the first Who Gives a Funk Concert was launched  inspired by the idea that music played in an exclusive unique location can transform a community through a good cause. Hundreds of partners, friends and passionate people answered the call to help create WGaF music for good become an institution.   


Chapter #1 in September 2018 in Milan @Garage Italia for Luchia

Chapter #2 was held in December 2018 in Milan @N'Ombra de Vin for Clown Therapy

Chapter #3 in May 2019 in Milan @ArmaniPrivé for Sustainablity Promotion

Since then, we continuously plan the next fase

and Chapter #4 and #5 are on their way and you can be part of it . . .

In the meantime we look forward to meet you @Alcatraz with JFF for Fatboy Slim, your attendance is boosting us forward into the planning of our next Concerts